About JUelry

JUelry Design 

JUelry 取自英文同音字jewelry並將開頭改為設計師姓氏諧音JU


Our Story


JUelry Design got its name from “Jewelry”. 

The initial part "JU" is the homonym of the founder's last name " Chou".

It all started with the purest intention of perusing the bliss of sharing. While creating designs, Chou realized that she wanted more.

Chou decided to share her jewelry designs with the world. Anchoring on her unlimited passion, she continued challenging herself. Chou picked up the burden and created JUelry Design as the brand designer. In this intriguing world, JUelry explored its own charm and made its unique path.




Why do we use ores and metal?

It’s simple. 

Humanity nourishes nature. Our idea is to connect humans with the precious gift from Earth. We combine vintage elements with modern style, making jewelry more than just cold and lifeless objects, but a part of the owner herself. 

Wear your JUelry and create stories of your own.